The Calvin Show Episode #8: When Are You Out of Integrity?

Being in integrity is one of those life habits that impacts everything.

In its essence, it's pretty simple: You honor your word, you honor your commitments, you honor your boundaries, you plug the leaks and close the holes. You become whole.

If you make a promise, you keep it. If you owe money, you pay them back.

Once you get in the habit of living this way, you'll feel the energy and strength and character build up inside of you.

It can feel painful or scary or uncomfortable in the moment, but you're always the better for it.


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Some fun moments from the show:

1:00 — Ari says “My balls and my word is all I have” 3:30 — When coincidence happens, it’s important to pay attention 7:50 — The first time someone asked me if I’m impeccable with my word 9:45 — I found this to be a useful question to ask people when I meet them…why, you ask? 15:34 — Being impeccable with your word never ends up being a problem, even if it’s scary up front


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