How to Love Everything, No Matter How Hard (Even Yourself)

When you think you can't love something, when you're having a really hard to allowing that love to flow, here's a trick that works every time.

See if you can find somewhere in your being a willingness to love that thing.

Even though you don't know how to love it. You can't yet love it.

If you can find the willingness, then something magic happens: Love enters by itself.

Why is this?

It's because love is the natural state of things. It's light. It's vibration. It's energy.

Love is like the vibrations in everything around you that's above zero degrees Kelvin, which is to say everything. That vibration is what determines the temperature of things.

Love is like the air that fills every vacuum.

Love is like water, entering every crack it can find.

Love is like a flower finding its way up through a crack in the rock.

When there's no love, we don't need to summon love.

There can only be no love because we're clenching so tight, we're in so much tension, that there's no space for love to enter.

The willingness is all it takes to start to release that tension just a tiny bit.

And a tiny bit is all that's required for love to start entering on its own.

And just like the water or the flower, once there's a crack, love will find a way to widen that crack over time, so long as you don't insist on clenching again.

Try it right now. Think of something you're having a difficult time feeling love for. And then see if you can find the place inside of you that's willing to love it.

See what happens.

And please share.



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