Daniel Craig: The Internet is Evil

Daniel Craig in an interview with TimeOut London:

There’s always so much expectation and talk around a new Bond film. Have you got used to the passionate fans and how much they care?

‘You can’t think about it. I don’t go on the Internet any more. I think if you’re famous, the Internet is evil. I really think that. If you’re famous, it makes you paranoid. Or it makes you more paranoid than you already are. Because if you’re famous and you go on the Internet for half an hour, you realise people are talking about you. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, some of that will make you paranoid. I just don’t do it anymore. It’s the enemy of creativity.’

I remember the early days of the internet and how we were a lot of people who were hoping this was the medium that would set us free and democratize the world. An in a way, it did. It just turned out that there was way more anger, hatred, and suppressed emotion than at least I thought.

But it makes sense now. And I hope that bringing it to the light like this will help us as a race see the need for emotional healing, for learning to deal with our emotions honestly.

Helping people not feel things they don’t want to feel is a multi trillion dollar economy.

The things we do when we don’t want to feel is often harmful to ourselves and others.

Time to learn how feelings actually work.


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