What Do Balloons Have to Do with Your Growth?

This coaching business of mine has been a directive for me for a while.

"A directive" I hear you say? Yes. It's a term coined by Christine Eilvig, that I've really taken to heart.

A directive is when your intuition tells you in no uncertain terms that there's a step you need to take. We can choose to ignore it, or we can just to go with it, even if we don't logically understand why we need to take that step.

Coaching has been such a directive for me for a while. And now I understand why.

The best way I can describe it is that your growth is like a balloon. As you blow air into the balloon, it'll want to expand in every direction.

But if you insist on back a certain part of the balloon, because you're not willing to follow the directive, then you're affecting the expansion of the entire balloon. not just that part.

Life is a bit like that. As you expand, you expand in many directions. You cannot separate things out and say this is only about work, or this product or this project or family or friends. Everything's connected to everything else, so if there's a growth in one area you're not willing to take, it's going to affect the whole.

Having stepped into my role as a spiritual teacher (which is really what I'm doing, I don't particularly like the word coaching, and yet I haven't found a better word either), I feel this with every fiber of my being. It was a very important piece for me to own in my growth.

Will I see you Tuesday for the weibinar?

Love, -Calvin

PS. This coming Tuesday at 3pm US Eastern / noon Pacific / 9pm CEST I'm doing a webinar expanding on the six habits and diving deep into a bunch more topics. Make sure you mark your calendar and be there. The URL to join is https://zoom.us/j/963343680.

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Oh Kara! Just beautiful! What a loelvy tribute to all 3 generations. It's so fun to have things to pass down I am like you, I never imagined and then when I see my little girl in dressed that were mine it's an incredible feeling. Love these xoxo
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