Submitting to what the thing needs to be

Steven Soderbergh on how art (cinema) is made:

All the ideas are on the table. All the ideas and everything is open for discussion, and it turns out everybody succeeds by submitting to what the thing needs to be. Art, in my view, is a very elegant problem-solving model.

Entrepreneurship surely is an art form.


Entrepreneurship. by it's nature, is focussed on profit. Art is not.
By Heather Gold on Tue, May 14, 13 at 02:05 · Reply
To me, profits are necessary for survival, not the purpose. Profits are like food. We don't exist to eat. We eat so we may continue to exist so that we may carry out our life purpose.
By Calvin Conaway on Tue, May 14, 13 at 02:28 · Reply
It's a core part of creating a business as opposed to , say, a painting or play. Entrepreneurs are creative and go their own way like artists. But they are not making art. They are solving a problem and making a business. Perhaps an ingenious, creative one, but not art.
By Heather Gold on Tue, May 14, 13 at 02:30 · Reply
So a movie can never be a work of art because it needs to make money too?
By Calvin Conaway on Tue, May 14, 13 at 02:36 · Reply
Lots of movies don't make money. Probably most films. Films don't on their own "need" anything. Some businesses make movies. They need profit. I used to work for one. I o think the observation about allowing a work be the thing it needs to be is a lovely creative approach that does work both in art making and entrepreneurship. But it doesn't mean that making art and making a new business are the same thing. Heading to bed now. Night.
By Heather Gold on Tue, May 14, 13 at 02:46 · Reply

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