Getting a finger print analysis is the best self-help thing I've done in a very long time

After I've had a finger print analysis done, it's fascinating to think that the US has on file finger prints of millions and millions of people from all over the world. Running them through an analysis would be a small matter (perhaps they already do?), and would tell them so much about those people, which they could include in their files.

So here's the deal: Fingerprints get set while you're a fetus, and never change over the course of your life. That's why they're so great for identification.

And, depending on the basic shapes they have, and how those different shapes are distributed across your fingers, they can also tell you about your life purpose, your life school, and your life lesson. This is not about predicting how many kids you'll have, it's just about getting to know some of the unchangeable aspects of yourself.

I'm no expert on this - I only had the analysis done recently, and have been reading a little bit about it since, but it seems to be a modernized version of ancient palmistry, the modern version created by Richard Unger.

So let me explain how it works.

Your life purpose is about what you're here to do. It's a combination of 10 different elements, one for each finger, plus possibly some twists coming from your hands. Mine is a combination of Results (right thumb), Leadership (right index finger), Artist/Individualist (right ring finger), and with the added twist of Spirituality, coming from a huge yin-yang sign at the base of my hand.

This gets put together into a sentence, like "Big shot spiritual teacher in the spot light", with "big shot" being the combination of Results and Leadership (making things happen through leadership), the spotlight coming from the Artist who does things his own way and wants to be on stage, to be seen, and the spiritual teacher part coming from the yin-yang. In other words, my life purpose is to create successful businesses, while at the same time being a spiritual teacher, and doing everything in a very unique and visible way, inspiring others, teaching, being in the spotlight. This is exactly what I saw as my life purpose in my epiphany moment in February 2008, and it's great to get independent confirmation that my hands agree.

The complete list of purpose elements, as taken from Destiny at Your Fingertips, are: 

  • Master of Results (right thumb)
  • Master of Family bonds (left thumb)
  • Leadership (right index)
  • Live my passions (left index)
  • Business (right middle)
  • Mentorship (left middle)
  • Artist/Individualist (right ring)
  • Innovator (left ring)
  • Messenger (right pinkie)
  • Healer (left pinkie)

I don't know how to do the actual analysis, but the book explains it.

Secondly, your life school is the way you approach life in general. There are four schools:

  • School of Peace, which is about overcoming fear and panic to find inner peace
  • School of Wisdom, which is about obtaining and sharing knowledge
  • School of Love, which is about expressing oneself authentically
  • School of Service, which is about enjoying acts of selfless service

Each school has its challenges, of course. I'm in the School of Service, which is why it's no coincidence that one of the aspects that I enjoy the most about zenbilling, and also the area from which I get the most spontaneous positive feedback, is precisely customer service. In fact, I have so many whorls that I'm a Master of Service. I guess that means my joy from selfless serving is great indeed.

The challenge with the school of service is to not serve too much. When I overserve, I become resentful towards the people I serve, and I'm actually robbing them from the pleasure and power that comes from finding it out own their own. It's like I don't trust that they have what it takes, so I have to take over. That is definitely something I've had to learn, and it'll continue to be something I must steer clear of.

Thirdly, the life lesson is the thing that consistently gets in the way of you expressing your life purpose.They say it's here to give you time to be able to contain your life purpose - if there were no lessons it would simply be too much, too bright. Maybe. Or maybe life lessons are just fricking annoying. I don't know :-)

Most people have one life lesson. I have two. Does that mean I'm more than averagely challenged? Does it mean my light is so bright I needed some extra insurance against being overwhelmed by it? I don't know. :-)

The 14 possible life lessons, according to Baeth Davis, are:

  • School of Service as Life Lesson
  • School of Love as Life Lesson
  • School of Wisdom as Life Lesson
  • School of Peace as Life Lesson
  • Failure/Frustration/Incompletion Issues
  • Powerlessness/Helpless Overwhelm/”I’m Trapped” Issues
  • Self-Worth/Integrity/Money Issues
  • Apathy/Creativity Block Issues
  • Mute/Difficulty Speaking Up For One’s Self Issues
  • Family and Community Out of Sync Issues
  • Victimization/Shame/Numbness Issues
  • Self-Worth/Guilt/”What’s My Niche?” Issues
  • Paralyzing Fear of Rejection Issues
  • Trust/Surrender/Intimacy Issues

Mine are Self-Worth/Guilt/”What’s My Niche?” and Trust/Surrender/Intimacy.

The first one means I believe that I don't have any value, I feel guilty for having needs and for wanting things, and I have trouble finding my niche because I don't see what value I could possibly have to anyone - I'm worthless!

The second one means I don't trust myself and my intuition, I don't trust the Universe, my guides, or any other spiritual support, and I don't trust other people enough to let them see me and get to know me (or I overlook signals and trust too much). That can be a real challenge in my relationships, something that my wives have had the questionable pleasure of experiencing!

Put those two together - I have no value, and I don't trust myself - and living my particular life purpose of being a big shot spiritual teacher in the spotlight can be a real challenge! And it has sure been.

Getting this analysis done finally helped me see that these beliefs aren't real. I'm not unworthy. It's just an idea that I've somehow managed to get into my head and stay there and which has colored everything about my life. I've had this idea that I really had no worth, and that only by slowly, patiently climbing up the ladder, tiny step by tiny step, might I some day be able to prove some semblance of worth - because worth has to be proven through tangible achievements. How crazy is that? My surroundings have been pretty perplexed at the insanity of it!

Similarly with the trust issue. I can consciously choose to trust myself, and it turns out I can trust myself. I can trust my feelings. I can trust that the universe has my back and that I'm loved and supported. I can allow myself to surrender to the universal power, and allow myself to be seen in close relationships, even though it's difficult.

Baeth Davis has this saying that you must put your life lesson at the top of your to-do list every day. It'll never go away, you're never finished with it. But each day I can choose to start by consciously choosing to acknowledge and really feel my own worth, and to trust myself, my feelings, my intuition, my abilities. Then start my day from there. It's tremendously powerful.

What I particularly love about this framework is that it's not dependent on my own ability to see and describe myself accurately. Most of the personality tests out there have you answer a series of questions, and I hate it, because I'm a specifics guy, a context guy. I can tell you about a specific situation, but telling you about myself in general terms, I can't do it. And in general, it's very hard to accurately see oneself. Having a skewed self-image is almost the definition of being human.

The finger print analysis is different. You just submit your prints, and everything is read from those. No gaming the system, no dependency on your own self-image. Just send the prints, and you get the essentials of your life laid out before you.

I didn't intend this as a "sales pitch", I wrote it to share my experience. But on re-reading it, it does come across as a pretty strong testimonial, and I do whole-heartedly recommend getting this done for everyone, whether or not you're an entrepreneur or a homemaker or an employee, whether you're young or old. In fact, I think I'd like to have this done for my kids as well, so I can learn how to best support them on their path, how to help them balance their school, work with their lesson, and nurture their life purpose.

My analyst was Nana Rebecka. Other analysts are Ronelle Coburn and  Baeth Davis. The father of modern hand analysis is Richard Unger. I get no kick-back, and have no relationship with any of them, other than Nana doing my analysis.

Have you had your hands read? What was your experience? What's your purpose, school, and lesson?

With love,


Mette Glargaard

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Branimir Dolicki

I read a bit about fingerprint on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fingerprint - fascinating stuff. They are "friction ridges" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friction_ridge) and exist on the entire human hand as well as foot. Other primates have them as well. I agree that running a statistical analysis on fingerprints of many people would be interesting. If you also collected information about various traits of people you could actually confirm (or refute) the hypothesis that the one is correlated with another. I don't see any references to such papers on the Unger's site but perhaps I haven't looked hard enough.
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Fred Madrid

sounds like a startup waiting to happen... have you heard about 23andme.com?
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Branimir Dolicki

Yeah, 23andme.com could easily collect fingerprints in addition to saliva samples. I suspect, however, that they are not doing it because there is no evidence, neither from basic research nor purely empirical that fingerprints actually are correlated with anything?
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Anne Grethe Pind

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