There is a sense of life and vitality in India...

I came across this story over on Steve Huff Photo, from someone traveling in India taking pictures with a Sony RX1, and I came across this line, which describes my experience exactly:

There is a sense of life and vitality in India that I’ve not felt elsewhere. And this in a place with tremendous poverty, social and legal problems (witness the recent rape/murder,) and dramatic disparities in education, economics and social equality.

The sense of life and vitality is simply breathtaking. It's so magic and wonderful.

From Raju who irons my shirt, to the milk man, to the rickshaw driver, to our coconut guy outside the shala, to Manju and the crew at Sri Durga Bhavan, to just people you randomly meet in the street or on Chamundi Hill … the sense of life and vitality is incredible. Europe and the US feel so dead in comparison.

Milk man with customers

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Christiano Kwena

Most of it comes from the fact that people live closely together and the only way to put up is be part.
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