There can be no strategy without hope

Brad Feld quoting Dov Seidman:

And while they are right that hope is technically not a strategy, inspirational leaders understand one final thing:  that without hope there is no strategy. “

I've had the "hope is not a strategy" line thrown at me a couple of times, and it always stung. It made me feel belittled. And when I feel belittled, there's a small and hurt part of me that can't wait to deliver that line to someone else, so they can feel what I feel too, and so I (or it) can get a brief moment of relief. The problem is, it doesn't really feel good at all.

I wonder if that's how a phrase like this spreads itself. Like a virus that attaches to the small and hurt part of you, which then spreads it. It's such a smug, superior, know-it-all kind of thing to say. I don't think it ever feels good to  have it lobbed at you, and I don't think it ever makes the one doing the lobbing feel any better about him or herself, except for that brief moment of feeling superior.

Here's to no longer behaving in that way. Let's stop this and other similar viruses from spreading.

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Brad Feld

Well said Calvin!
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