I still want to be able to take a nap after lunch

Gabe Rivera, founder of Techmeme:

‘I don’t want to deal with the obligations attached to raising money, and I still want to be able to take a nap after lunch.’”

That's pretty much what I feel. I've been internally debating whether to go out and raise money for zenbilling, on and off, for years, and always ended up not doing it. I'd much rather spend my time building the product and caring for my customers than chasing and pleasing investors. zenbilling is my baby, my customers are awesome, and I get to know a bunch of them pretty well, and that's exactly how I like it.

For a long time, though, it wasn't making quite enough money for me not to have to do other things. So what I did was offer the kinds of products that zenbilling is designed for - eating my own dog food. In the end, I moved to Mysore, India, where I can make a more than comfortable living from the income that zenbilling generates right now, so I can focus 100% on developing zenbilling and servicing my customers.

At some point I do want to teach more again, but right now, I couldn't imagine a better setup. Yoga every morning, and back to work on my wonderful product. And yes, I do nap, but not always after lunch. Just whenever I feel like it. The other day I stayed in bed most of the day and watched movies. On most days, I can't wait to get to work on implementing the latest thing that came to me during yoga practice.


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