The underlying beliefs that color our perception

Some of my deep underlying beliefs are being exposed in these days - perhaps it's the full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini?

One such belief was that we have to reach a point of success, of having "made it", of having proved ourselves, early in life, or we're fatally flawed miscarriages, as it were. I've investigated this several times before, but suddenly it just dawned on me that that will never ever happen in real life.

An actor is only as good as his last movie. Even though Steve Ballmer has made billions on Microsoft, he's still completely hosed, and in his desperate attempts to fix it, he's destroying everything they've built so far, and not in a good way. Andrew Mason became a poster boy when Groupon became the fastest growing internet company by revenue ever, but the past year hasn't seemed so great after all.

Bottom line is, there is no such place as "having made it" and being "safe". Life is a never-ending string of challenges. If it's not in business, it's in your relationships, with your spouse, your children, your parents, your ex-spouse, your friends, your employees. If it's not that, it's your health. There's never a point where you can relax and retire and have made it.

Or there is, and it is this moment, right now, wherever you are at in your life. The notion that there's some point in the future, where everything's going to be okay is the central illusion. Everything is as it should be, right now, and tomorrow, you're going to find that some challenges have gone away, some have gotten worse, and some new ones have crept up.

Learning to love all of that, and realizing that every single living breathing human being is in the same predicament, is the only path to sanity.

Full moon


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