Support for GoCardless and 39 other gateways coming to zenbilling thanks to SpreedlyCore

Over the past couple of months I've been busy working deep under the hood in zenbilling in order to support new payment gateways all around the world, as well as allowing us to accept credit card information right on zenbilling's order form, rather than having to send the customer over to Quickpay's payment window or PayPal, like we do today.

For a long time I was at a complete loss as to how I would pull that off, given the cost of adhering to the strict requirements imposed by the credit card industry. But thankfully in early August I stumbled across SpreedlyCore, which solves exactly that problem. And since then I've been hard at work integrating with them, so we're ready to take on the world.

SpreedlyCore have been fantastic to work with. Their product is great, their support is incredible, and they've implemented several things specifically for zenbilling, such as support for the Danish payment card, Dankort.

And the work on zenbilling is almost complete. I'm estimating a launch of the new features this weekend or next week.

The great thing about SpreedlyCore is that they're going to continually add support for new gateways as they come out, as well as payment methods that do not involve credit cards, such as Dwolla and  - starting today - GoCardless.

GoCardless is a new UK-based service, which allows customers to pay without credit cards, through direct debit from their bank account. And they're rolling out Europe-wide (or, technically speaking, SEPA-wide), which means they will be offering an alternative to PayPal and local monopolies such as Nets in Denmark. GoCardless charges just 1% per transaction, compared to the 3-4% charged by PayPal. You can read the official announcement from SpreedlyCore here.

And zenbilling will fully support GoCardless, along with 37 other new payment gateways, in just about a week's time. I can't wait!

And if there are any gateways not on the list that you'd like support for, let us know, and there's a good chance we can add it.

Sign up for zenbilling today - no credit card required - and you can be among the first to accept payments via GoCardless and one of the many other new payment gateways.

- Calvin from Mysore, India

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