How to make shit happen

For your years now, I've been guided by the idea of applying spiritual principles to entrepreneurship. It's had different names over the years, and it's taken different forms, but the essence has been the same.

Last night, these four phrases came to be as a way to sum up what I stand for:
  • Stand in your own light
  • Do what you came here for
  • Channel something real
  • Apply the force of your will
Let me go through them in order:

Stand in your own light

We learn to stand in other people's light. We learn that when we are a certain way we're good, and another way, we're not. In school, we're taught to follow the rules, not to make the rules. A key challenge for every breathing human being is to find their way back to their own essence, uncluttered and distinct from everyone else's idea about who they should be. We must stand in our own light, not in anyone else's light.

Do what you came here for

There's a reason we chose to incarnate on this planet at this time, and it is not just to go to school, get a good job, provide for ourselves and our family, and lay down and die. There's a job we came here to do, and it involves opening hearts, ours and others. We probably don't remember any of it, but there are clues for us in the depth of our soul, and we must find those clues and piece together the puzzle. When we find it, it will grab us and challenge us to grow beyond anything we ever thought possible. But we'll be on our path, and we will be supported.

Channel something real

The work that you're creating - the business, the novel, the product, the artwork - isn't so much something that you create, as it is something that uses you to be created. The iPhone wanted to be invented, just as Michelangelo's David wanted to be uncovered. Great works of creation have this obviousness about them that doesn't come from our rational mind but from our heart and intuition. They were already there, they were just waiting for someone to grab them and make them.

Apply the force of your will

But "catching" an invention and wanting to make it isn't enough. You must really want it. You must will it, in a way that doesn't leave anything to chance. It's more than merely believing in it. It's knowing it to the point where talking about believing in it becomes meaningless. This is already there, reality just needs to catch up, and I will make it happen. Obstacles will appear, but they don't have power over you. When you are standing in your light, doing what you came here for, and channeling something real, then your intention can be infused with your life force, your spirit, and that's when you gain the ability to bend reality your way.

When have you experienced this?

This model goes for anything major in life - whether attracting your soul mate, writing a novel, creating a product, or anything else you might do.

My own most clear experience of this was in attracting Phoebe, my spirit mate. The unquestioning way in which I just knew we had to be together and that we were going to, even though initially she did not agree at all, was a very powerful experience for me, and a powerful reminder to this day of what this power feels like.

Another experience was back in 2000 when I lived in New York and I had this home invasion by two guys, one with a knife, and the other with a gun and a stocking over his head. I just knew without a shadow of a doubt that these people would get the fuck out of my apartment, and that that door would be closed shut and locked again. And so it happened. I wasn't even scared. It was just the way it was to be.

When have you experienced something like this in your life?


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