Forrester CEO on Davos

Here’s a few highlights from Forrester CEO George Coloney’s Davos round-up:

6) Desmond Tutu is one of the great men of the world. My favorite quote:  ” If we are hollow morally, our world will collapse.” Some other quotes which you may, or may not agree with: “We are all made for goodness, even bankers.”  ”If our world exacerbates our differences, then it will be an unstable world.”  ”We need a revolution run by women.”  ”The young are important because they dream.”

I love me some Desmond as well. Didn’t actually know about him (sorry, Desmond!) until Gopi at Google talked about him, but now I see him everywhere!

 13) Adam Lashinsky’s new book on how Apple operates, Inside Apple, contains a sobering idea for all of the over-educated Davos elite:  Apple follows none of the long-taught lessons of the world’s business schools.

Great stuff :)


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