A little too loudly

Jony Ive:

“And there have been times when we’ve been working on a program and when we are at a very mature stage and we do have solutions and you have that sinking feeling because you’re trying to articulate the values to yourself and to others just a little bit too loudly. And you have that sinking feeling that the fact that you are having to articulate the value and persuade other people is probably indicative of the fact that actually it’s not good enough. On a number of occasions we’ve actually all been honest with ourselves and said ‘you know, this isn’t good enough, we need to stop’. And that’s very difficult.”

I think that’s such an accurate description: Trying to articulate a little too loud.

You know it in your heart when you do it, but the fear of not being able to find a good solution, the fatigue from having worked and worked and worked at this, the desire to be done with it, to make a decision and get it out there - all of these things make us ignore the voice inside that knows it’s just not good enough.

It’s such a courageous thing to stay with it and keep yourself open till you have it right.

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David Aaron Fendley

I can't even begin to describe how astute this is. Listen to that inner voice. Listen tithe spirit.
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