Cracking the code to cooking and healthy eating

A few days ago as I was cooking a lasagne for my kids, and I thought to myself: This stuff is really time-consuming and messy! We’d been juice-fasting for a few days, and the contrast to shopping for, cooking, and then cleaning up after the lasagne was striking. And that’s when it dawned on me:

The perfect way to cook is to juice vegetables at home for most meals, then go out or have take-away when you want a solid meal.

That’s how you do it!

Having to eat out for all your meals gets annoying after a while. But juicing is super quick, it’s easy to shop for, it’s easy to make, it’s easy to clean up after - and it’s super abundantly healthy to boot.

But just juicing (when not on an actual juice fast) gets tired as well. Thankfully, we have restaurants.

Turns out that a salad or a burger or a lamb curry for either lunch or dinner is plenty to satisfy my need for solid food. The rest can be liquid just fine.

After four years of being the cook of the house, I’m ready to let others cook and just juice when at home.

I’ve cracked the code!

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