What's the purpose of a society?

Well, what’s the purpose of the way we design our society?

To me, it must be to design a system that enables and encourages the greatest growth and happiness for everyone. Of course, that’s hard to define.

I believe that everyone is born for some form of work, some form of contribution to the world. That is where that person is at his or her happiest and most playful and most productive, all at the same time. What Ken Robinson calls The Element.

Obviously our society needs to be designed so that it enables or encourages everyone to find that sweet spot, the Element, for themselves, so we can benefit the most from their work. Not just in how much we can tax them, of course, but in how much they’re going to contribute to others and allow them to do what they do best.

Like what the lady from Suzie’s Farm was talking about: You don’t go into farming for the money. You go into farming because you’re passionate about giving others the proper nutrition they need in order for them to do their work.

If we could get that vibe going across the board, then the world would look quite differently. And if a nation does this, it would surely beat all the other nations in GDP.


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