Monsanto responsible for the bee deaths

Alex Bogusky on the Fearless Revolution blog:

If we were talking about some subspecies of toad that lives in one cave system in Arizona it would matter. But it probably wouldn’t impact the lives of the average person. With bees it’s a different story. They are the great pollinators of this planet. They don’t do it all but they do enough that it might be impossible for other species to pick up the slack. That means we would need to manually pollinate what we wanted to grow. 

I’m sure Monsanto has already come up with a way to make money off of that too. 

This is pure insanity. The fact that power has gotten so concentrated and so corrupted is scary.

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Oliver WebMatros

Indeed scary and insane Calvin. If anything will bring this world to an end, it'll be mans arrogance and neglect of the ecosystems that has sustained this planet for 4.5 billion years so far. Higgs particle or not, we will never fully grasp the intelligence that lies behind it all. Everything is interconnected. It can be a noble pursuit to attempt to outrun and outsmart nature, in an attempt to progress as a species, cure diseases, etc, but in my opinion we should rather try to work in harmony with nature. We are part of nature... We ARE nature.
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