Centralization of power

I had an interesting conversation with Ryan Higgins from Mind Movies a  week ago. He’s deeply into politics, and we talked about one of the core the problems with government and politics: Centralization of power.

The bargain we’re making is we’re giving away some of our power to the government, in exchange for the government keeping us safe. We trade freedom for security.

Problem is, we get neither. Instead, we have lost both freedom and we have actually lost security.

Case in point is the FDA, which is supposed to protect us from bad foods and drugs. But the reality it is actively keeping us from knowing what we eat and from getting access to promising cures for cancer. It is bought, lock stock and barrell, by big pharma and big insurance companies.

And that’s exactly what happens when power is centralized.

It would be almost impossible for them to lie and cheat and deceive hundreds of millions of consumers. But now there’s just one agency to buy. That’s easy. Really easy. Way too easy.

The internet has created a profound change in access to information. We now have the tools available to make informed choices. We no longer have the same need for centralization of power. Alas, power, once given up, is rarely given back.

Whenever the Democrats are in power, they take away financial freedoms. When Republicans are in office, they take away social freedoms. None of them ever actually give up much freedom, even though they say they will.

Please join the “Just label it” movement fighting for labeling GMO foods.


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