I wonder if the same goes for humans?

Nofima research:

Salmon that becomes stressed before slaughter has a shorter shelf life because the flesh suffers more bacterial growth and develops undesirable flavours and odours more quickly.

It really matters how the food you eat was treated before it was killed and brought to you. And probably not just in the moments and days before it was killed, but in its entire lifetime. The stress levels affects the quality of the output, and I suspect it goes a lot deeper than just bacterial growth and odors - those are just symptoms.

Would you guess that a pig is more stressed or more calm and relaxed, right before it’s slaughtered? Don’t they typically get scared and scream and jump around right before slaughter? And doesn’t the typical slaughterhouse treat them pretty harshly in that situation, increasing the stress level? Those are the pictures that come to mind for me, at least. And what do you think that’s going to do to the meat? My guess would be there’s a lot of stress hormones there. And what do you think eating those are going to do to your body? My guess is, it’s not pretty.

Next, what happens to humans when we’re stressed? Do you think it affects our immune system? Our ability to think clearly and make decisions? Our ability to love? I believe it does. They say stress is the number one killer.


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