How to save the human species

The deeper you get into how messed up our current system is, the more clear it is that the change is going to be chaotic and messy.

Take food, for example. All evidence suggests that eating animal-based food is at the root of our health related problems (take The China Study, for example, but there are plenty of others).

So what would happen if we started to change that, on a large scale?

First, a lot of people currently employed producing meat would be out of a job. Then all the ones processing the meat. Then all the suppliers to all of those businesses. Then the distribution and transportation. Then all of the investments in all of these businesses, which would suddenly be worthless.

Then the fast food chains and others selling the meat would be in trouble. We might still need those retail locations, but they’d have to change what they make.

Then there’s all the hospitals and doctors that would no longer be needed. Then there’s the insurance companies who would initially be happy because they had fewer payouts, but over time there’d also be lower revenue.

Same with oil. What if we really switched off of oil on a massive scale. To electric cars. Or maybe this zero-point field as a source of infinite energy turns out to be real. That would create chaos on a massive scale as well. All the infrastructure, all the investments, all the jobs, all the wars, the geopolitical balance. It would be a major disaster. Better keep things the way they are. At least that way, we’re all going to die a slow death together. No major disruptions.

It seems to me the best way forward is to wean people off of jobs. When most people have learned how to make their own living making and marketing something for others at a profit, we’ll be in a much more resilient place. So long as most people are dependent on “jobs”, as if some god had come down the hill and created these place for people to go exchange their waking hours in exchange for survival, change is going to be really hard.

It’s also the reason something like pink slime can even exist, is because enough people believe they’re dependent on “jobs” to survive.

Go out and make your own living. It’s the best thing you can do for the human species.


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