Prepare, but not too much

Dan Pink has some simple, but very valuable advice for coming TED speakers (I hope to be one myself some day).

They’re all spot on for Conscious Startups.

You don’t want to kill the aliveness by being too prepared. That aliveness and freshness is a big part of what makes what you say and do resonate with something deeper within us. It ensures that you are communicating not just from your head but also from your two other brain centers, your heart and your gut.

Saying something important. Critical. Just like you want to be working on building something important, not just “doing some important things”. The things itself can be rather mundane, if what they add up to, thanks to the way you put them together, is important.

And finally, being “the first you”. Just like in business, you can’t be a better Google or Apple or Amazon or OMGPOP or 37signals. They’re doing fine, we don’t need another “them”. We need you to do what you feel compelled to do in the way that you feel compelled to do them.


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