Hungry for change - food and entrepreneurship

I’ve said it before that what you eat has an enormous impact on not just your energy level, but your consciousness level and your ability to access your intuition and your inner voice. When you’re all junked up on sugar and fat then you can’t hear the voice of your heart very well.

There’s a new movie out, Hungry for Change, and it’s excellent.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Steve Jobs was very very conscious about what he ate.

They were showing it for free, but unfortunately, I didn’t get around to telling you about it until it was over. Sorry.

I really wish more people would find the cajones and level of insight and consciousness to sell distribute their movies the way Louis CK does it. Sell it for download in a format people can easily use for just $5 per copy. Or $10. But cheap.

Instead, Hungry for Change is selling DVDs for $35. First hey have to print them. Then they have to store them. Then they have to b shipped. Then I have to wait to receive it.

I guess at this point most people would drop the DVD into their DVD player, but since I don’t have neither a TV nor a DVD player, my process instead goes like this:

Then I have to find my external optical drive for my MacBook Air, which I bought last July and have used exactly 4 times since (I left it at my Mom’s place). Then I have to insert the DVD and rip it to a format I can get onto my iPad, which takes several hours, and may have me fighting stupid copyright protection schemes. Then I transfer it to my iPad. And then I can start watching the movie. Unless I’ve given up by then.

Or I could go to bittorrent and see if I can find it there.

It’s not the price as much as the hassle. Look, people, if the message is important (which it is), why not make it easy for people to pay you and watch it?

Sell it for $5-10 for immediate download in H.264 format, and I bet you you’ll sell many more copies than you will of the DVD and you’ll end up getting the movie more widely distributed and make more money. What’s not to like about that.

Only thing holding you back is fear and ignorance. Happens to be the same thing holding people back from eating properly, and that’s exactly what you’re fighting with this movie. Oops! :)


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