The buried life

The Buried Life people are amazing.

Tim Ferriss posted a great guest post by Ben Nemtin from the Buried Life group and it really inspired me.

Such a big part of becoming who you really want to become and achieving and doing the things you truly desire is to (a) become conscious of what it is you really desire, and (b) committing yourself to it.

Everything else follows from that.

Becoming conscious of it requires that we allow ourselves to dream, to see our full selves, to see all that we can be, despite always having been told we’re nothing or it can’t be done or we’re not good enough or we don’t deserve it.

Committing to it requires us to be more committed to who we truly are than to who we think we are, who we have become used to being, who we think we have to be in order to be good enough, to be accepted by our family and friends, to be worthy of love.

It takes real courage. It sounds crazy, but it really does.

If going 100% for your dreams wasn’t scary, you’d already be doing it.

Here’s the original Buried Lief trailer:

So think about this:

Everything you truly desire to experience and achieve in life is possible with the help of others. So what if, like the Buried Life people, we were committed to helping each other achieve and experience what we most want to? I help you, you help someone else, we all help and support each other in doing just that, in making our dreams come true. Do you think it would be possible? Of course it would!

So why aren’t we doing it? Because we’re so busy keeping our heads up our own asses, we’re so busy believing that we’re isolated, alone, struggling to survive, in competition with one another, when in reality, we’re all one species, one tribe, one people, one family. 

Switch from competition to cooperation and everything changes. All of a sudden, everything’s possible.

Imagine what happens when every person on earth achieves what they most desire? How happy and creative and productive would the world be? What challenges couldn’t we overcome?

Let’s create that world, shall we?


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