And sex?

Sandra Czaja writing for Scientific American Mind (July/August issue page 57: Pop Star Psychology):

Many studies have demonstrated that exposure to sex, drugs and violence on-screen can make all three seem more acceptable in real life.

Reminds me of the Daily Show episode about Moral Kombat, where Jon Stewart riffs on the supreme court overruling a ban on selling extremely violent and graphic video games.

But sexual material? Oooohh, that shit is dangerous!

Look, consensual sex is natural and healthy. It’s not just acceptable, it’s great. It opens your heart and body, it connects you, it makes you happy, it gives you exercise, it makes you relax, it brings children into this world. It is a Good Thing.

I’m not talking about porn. I’m not talking about rape and other forms of non-consensual sex.

What’s happening is that the culture is turned more and more towards survival mode - rooted in fear.

This is not the place we want to be in, folks. We want to be in the relaxed and healthy growth mode.


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