Of course, it's like totally normal

Lisen Stromberg:

The next time I met him was when our children attended school together. He sat in on back-to-school night listening to the teacher drone on about the value of education (wait, isn’t he one of those high-tech gods who didn’t even graduate from college?) while the rest of us sat around pretending having Steve Jobs in the room was totally normal.

Touching story of Steve Jobs as father and neighbor.

It’s a sign of true greatness to be a good neighbor, to be humble in those kinds of chance encounters.

In time, things changed. The walks were less frequent, the gait slower, the smile not so ready. Earlier this year when I saw Steve and his wife walking down our street holding hands, I knew something was different. Now, so does the rest of the world.

He will be missed. 

(via Cameron Moll)


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