Are you a real entrepreneur, or just a me-too-preneur?

We entrepreneurs like to think of ourselves as trailblazers, marching to the beat of our own drum.

But way too often, we’re not. We’re behaving like sheep.

We want to be “the Facebook of x.” “The 37signals of y.” “The Apple of z.”

Apple didn’t become Apple by copying anyone else. Apple became Apple by following their own inner guidance. They know who they are. They know their values. They know what they’re not. They’re not scared by what others do, they don’t follow their lead or their advice. They’re guided by a different star than the rest. Compare the Zune to the iPod. Which would you say is more inspired? Where does that inspiration come from?

To stop being a mere copy-cat and start leading, you have to operate from a different source.

You will have to learn to sing in your own voice.

Now THAT’s something worth striving for.


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