That little voice inside

That little voice inside that says this isn’t right, that you’re not satisfied, that you have more in you, that you have more to give - it’s not going to go away.

You may try to drown it out with TV and alcohol and baseball games on the weekends and burying yourself in work and telling yourself you have everything, what more could you want?

But it’l still be there. You may succeed in drowning it out for a while, but it’ll still be there, waiting for you, underneath all the noise and distractions.

Life isn’t fair. Life isn’t the way we want it to be, the way we plan it.

It has its own will. There are things we feel called to do that we don’t want to do. We didn’t choose to feel called to do those things. Life would be so much easier if that voice would just shut up, go away, go pester someone else.

But that is not how life works.

Your rational mind is not in control.

Your higher self is.



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