Often wrong, never in doubt

Often wrong, never in doubt. That’s the title of a book by Donny Deutsch.

I forget what the book says, exactly, but I’ve always loved the title.

Some of the best minds in the world have been spectacularly wrong about things. Being wrong is not the enemy.

Doubt is the enemy.

Having the courage of your convictions will have you moving forward and making progress, even if you turn out to be wrong about some things. At least you’ll learn something in the process, you’ll make things happen, you’ll be creating something.

Doubt has you second-guessing yourself and not doing anything, not moving.

You start and then you stop. Start and stop. Change directions, start again, then stop.

It saps your energy and wastes your life.

Better to be wrong than to be in doubt.

The voice of your heart and intuition is never in doubt. It knows.

Doubt is the voice of your fearful lizard brain. Don’t listen to it.

Trust your intuition.

Doubt the doubt.


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