Fearless entrepreneurship means...

Fearless entrepreneurship means…

  • Creating your business from a place of pure love, in order to spread love. For yourself, your customers, your partners, co-workers, and employees, your society, the human race, the universe. The opposite of love is fear. Fear makes us do many stupid, hurtful, and unproductive things.

  • Creating the business that wants to be expressed through you. Not something that you make up with your mind, not as a strategy to get rich and famous, but surrendering to that which comes to you as a vision or an inner knowing.

  • Finding and pursuing your own path, rather than copying or inheriting the dreams and expectations from other people. We each have our own path to pursue, and listening too much to outside advice is going to get you off-track.

  • Committing to being a clean instrument in the pursuit of your vision. Your ego is going to pop up and take over and strategize to make the project to be about your egoic survival and aggrandizement. It’s inevitable that this will happen, and the more awakened you become, the more clever and subtle your ego’s strategies will become. You have to always watch out and have the courage to be honest with yourself about what’s going on.

  • Discovering who you truly are at the core of your being, in your essence, your soul - and becoming that. It’s not about trying to improve yourself, it’s about peeling away the layers that keep from being what you truly are.

  • Claiming and owning your true magnificence. No-one is served by your playing small, downplaying yourself, doubting your own desires and abilities. Own it, believe in it, stand by it, show it, share it, communicate it.

  • Focusing on the being rather than the doing. We all tend to do way too much of the wrong things. Remember the 80/20 rule? You could get by with doing just 20% of what you’re currently doing, and still get 80% of the results. You just need to determine which 20%. The more you focus on being your true self, and honoring your impulses and desires, the more the doing will take care of itself.

  • Operating from a state of presence, being in touch with your heart, your body, your intuition, your soul, your entire being. So often we get caught up in our little mental mind up there in the skull, and we forget all the other resources that we have access to.

  • Creating the presence-filled space in which others around you can be present and be in tune with themselves when they work to co-create your vision with you.

  • Trusting that the universe supports you in your quest. Looking out for synchronicities and other signs around you, and opening yourself up to seeing and honoring these signs and omens.

  • Allowing yourself to accomplish things effortlessly. It will take work, but it won’t feel like hard work, it shouldn’t feel like a struggle. When done right, it’ll be fun, joyful, natural, and feel effortless. That’s not to say that it’s not going to be a painful process. It takes a lot of courage and commitment to get to that place.

  • Not being goal-oriented. When you focus on goals and specific outcomes, you’re closing your eyes to other outcomes. Remember the famous “invisible gorilla” experiment? That’s how good we are at paying selective attention. By focusing on specific goals, you may very well reach them, but you’ll have prevented yourself from achieving something even better. Remember, though, that a vision is very different from a goal. Visions are great, goals are not.

  • Focusing on serving, not selling. Focus on serving your audience, rather than on how you can sell your things. I’m not saying be shy about charging for things, but instead of investing your time in how to get better at converting prospects, focus on how you can better serve everyone who gets into contact with you, whether or not they’re paying customers.

  • Being authentic, not beating the competition. Focus on being authentic and serving your audience, and let the competition do whatever they want to do with their audience. There’s enough room for everyone to be successful.

  • Being remarkable by being authentic. You already are a purple cow. You don’t need to strive to become one. Your striving only takes you further away from being one. Humans have pretty good bullshit meters. We can tell when the purple cow is really purple or when it’s just a superficial paint-job.

  • Attracting and inspiring rather than manipulating. Trust that those who stand to benefit from your message and values will be attracted to you. You don’t need to use cheap coercion tactics to lure them into your spider’s web. Let them come of their own free volition and trust that the right people show up.

  • Your ultimate goal is to contribute to healing the world. Your job, the job of your business, is the spread love and contribute to the healing of this world we live in. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s not about ambition for yourself but rather the vision of a healed world that provides the motivation and drive.


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