The difficulty of seeing your own talents

In the process of discovering your calling, one of the big problems is that it can be really difficul to see your own greatest talents.

The things that you take most for granted in the world - eg. your ability to quickly grasp the essence of a situation, or your ability to intuitively sense what another person is experiencing, or your ability to be very analytical, etc. - are so natural to you, that you don’t think of them as anything in particular. You tend to think that everyone must be like that. It’s like water to a fish.

It’s only through interaction with other people that you start to realize that not everyone is like that.

And even so, in my experience, the biggest talents of them all, the things that make you unique more than anything, tend to be blind spots for the longest time, even if you constantly bump up against other people who are different.

I’m not sure why this is so. Perhaps it is because they’re so deeply ingrained that, despited evidence against it, we somehow refuse to believe that not everyone is this way.

I can just see from experience that it very often is that way.

So make sure you remain open to seeing talents you took for granted. Perhaps that’s where your greatest happiness, fulfillment and success lies.


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