What happened to Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs is in my mind still the greatest entrepreneur alive. And the biggest inspiration I can think of.

I'm obsessed with entrepreneurs who seem to be connected to a higher source, who have found themselves and are truly being themselves, who follow a strong vision, who create with their entire beings, including mind, spirit, heart, and intuition.

And Steve Jobs is a prime example of that.

But it seems like something's gone awry.

I find it terribly disappointing that Apple and News Corp have decided to collaborate on The Daily. I find Rupert Murdoch and News Corp to be pretty much as close to condensed evil as you can get. Yes, Rupert is a visionary and a great entrepreneur, but he's using his powers for evil rather than good. He's using them to manipulate and distort and destroy. His qualities are admirable, his intentions are disgusting.

And I find Apples' recent supposed war on Kindle and competing e-readers more than a bit disturbing, too.

The whole issue about App Store rejections sometimes seeming so random, and without any opportunity for recourse or appeal is disturbing.

That said, though, while the criticism has been mounting over the past 2-3 years, almost all of the way, I've sided with Steve and Apple.

When it comes to their tight control over the App Store, I buy their argument about control over what comes out, in order to avoid apps that steal your personal data, will break on iOS updates because it uses private APIs, or infringes on other companies trademarks.

Regarding Flash, I wholeheartedly support their choices and buy their arguments. Flash seems to be a despicable piece of crap, especially on the Mac.

I absolutely love that Apple products going mainstream and the company making an absolute killing in the marketplace. They deserve it so much, and it's proof that following your heart and intuition and sticking with your convictions actually pays off big time in the world of dollars and cents.

I think Apple is winning because their products are so much better, and I think they're in their good rights to, and also objectively right to, exercise tight control over their platform. That's what makes for the best product in the end.

But the success seems to have gone to their heads and corrupted some folks over at Apple, and the tight control over the iOS platform smells of monopolistic behavior and greed. Me no like.

I like platform owners to behave in the best interest of the customers going forward, allowing innovation and allowing others to make a nice living on top of their platform. With this kind of power comes an obligation let yourself be held to a higher standard.

Honestly, I don't know where this is actually at, but I think the disturbing signs are increasing in strength, and it worries me, because I care so much about both the company and the man.

I'm believe that all illnesses are physical manifestations of emotional or psychological issues, and so I can't help but wonder whether His Steveness's health problems have anything to do with this, or if it's something else entirely.

But it sure seems like something's not in alignment with the Jobs I used to love and respect. And that's very sad indeed.

What do you think?


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