Converting blog readers into consumers

Don't do it.

Shawn Coyne on Steven Pressfield's blog about the promotion of Pressfield's novel "The Profession":

I left the discussion deflated. I felt like I’d somehow lost my way, venturing into the morally reprehensible terrain of The Simpsons’ Krusty the Clown.

This is such a common trap. As soon as you cross that line, you've lost the trust of your audience.

37signals and Gary Vaynerchuk both understand and execute this well.

As for execution? Have great products, and do talk about your passion for them, but not in promotesy ways, and sales seem to take care of themselves.

There's the new way of marketing and selling (build an audience, be yourself, let people get attracted to you), and there's the old way - the used car salesman and TV shopping.

It's not that the old ways don't work, you just need to sell to new suckers all the time. Oh, and it eats up your soul from the inside. Not a pleasant feeling.

Pick where you belong, and don't cross the line.


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