Selling diamonds

From Chin-Ning Chu's Thick Face, Black Heart:

If you have a large, perfect diamond and you take it to the village marketplace, you will have a tremendously hard time trying to convince the junk peddlers to give you five dollars for it. However, if you circumvent the village peddlers and the small-town shopkeepers and go directly to the most reputable diamond dealer in the nation, you would not have to waste your energy attempting to convince him. Your merchandise would speak for itself. You wouldn't even need to open your mouth, and he might offer you five hundred thousand dollars for it.

If your are a true gem, do not waste your energy trying to undersell yourself to the common village peddlers. You will annoy them and waste your time. It is much easier to sell valuable goods to those who recognize the value than to those who do not.


Chupa Chups


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