Signs, signs, signs

Every day these days, there seems to be another sign. Another sign saying "Do what you know is right. Don't wobble. Don't hesitate. Don't doubt. Just go and do it."

But I'm afraid. Scared. I just want to know I'm safe.

And so I try and have it both ways. I try and do a little that's safe and a little that's bold and scary and what I know I must do.

And then I get smacked in the face with another sign that hurts.

Or my eyes are opened by another sign that pulls and inspires. Like the TED and Bogusky articles.

Oh, life, why must I resist you so?

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David Aaron Fendley

It's just Resistance trying to convince you to find an easy way to what you want; but we both know that it's never easy. It takes hard work and sacrifice. Fortunately these moments, and even large moments of little to no productivity, are never truly lost time if you learn to pick yourself up and press on.
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