Maybe you just need to own how great you are

I came across this sentence in a book I'm currently reading, and it struck a chord with me.

When I look back at my life, I see a string of events where I've finally owned that was pretty good at something.

With math, it wasn't until I got a perfect grade at my final high school exam that I finally owned it.

With cooking it wasn't till recently when I spent an evening cooking with a few people who all worked professionally with food in some capacity, and realized I fully measured up.

And on and on.

It seems there's this voice in my head saying "I'm not really that good at such and such area", that's just there by default, until proven wrong by some dramatic demonstration that seems to speak to me at an emotional level.

I believe I''m not alone in this. I think many of us have a tendency to not "own" how great we really are.

I'm not sure why.

Partly just habit, I think.

In part because it's safer. There's no risk of hubris. There's no responsibility. "Oh, I don't know, I'm not really that good at that."

What about you? Do you recognize this? Why do you think this is?

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Mark Aufflick

I think it is partially because of ease. Once you get good at something (or are naturally good at it), it feels easy—and we tell ourselves it's supposed to be hard to be good at something, so this mustn't be it! That's what also drives us to do things that we aren't good at, because anything that feels easy isn't "real work" so we do things that will are hard for us, which is stupid :)
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