When you build a startup to target a specific opportunity in the market, you may fail. You didn't manage to grab the opportunity, and now it's gone. On to the next opportunity.

But when you stop chasing opportunities and the success you hope they'll bring, and instead start realizing what you came here to realize -- creating what you came here to create, being who you came here to be -- then failure no longer exists.

You cannot "fail" doing that.

If your current strategy didn't work, that doesn't mean you give up and spend the rest of your life in front of the TV.

It just means that strategy didn't work, and now you go on to the next strategy. And if that doesn't work either, then another one after that.

That's not failure. That's just life.

Failure is driving to try and catch a plane, and then when you find you've missed it, you just return home.

When you're doing what you came here for, it's more like driving from New York to San Francisco and realizing you went on a detour all the way to Ontario.

That's not failure, that's just course correction. It's still entirely possible to get to San Francisco, it just might take a little longer.


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