Monday after the vacation

It's monday after my summer vacation, and that means it's a great opportunity to discover the kinds of emotions that work stirs up inside.

Does getting back to work fill you with dread? With stress? With sadness? Loneliness? Energy? Creativity? Happiness?

If you have negative emotions coming up over your work, it's really important to not just "suck it up" and skimp over them, but to take the time to actually notice what's going on.

Maybe there's something you need to change? Maybe there's a childhood wound that wants to be met, looked at, touched, and healed? Maybe there are some beliefs that need to be examined and changed?

What do you need to do? Simple - but not necessarily easy. Just be with them. Notice them. Be curious about them. Let them be, don't try and make them go away. Send them compassion, love. Ask them - with your heart, not your mind - what they truly need. Then give them that.

Negative emotions are there for a reason. They have something to say to you. They need something from you. Then you'll grow, and you'll get peace. So long as you keep dismissing them and ignoring them, they'll grow stronger, and over time they'll make you sick.

It's so easy to dismiss those "going back to work"-feelings as just a normal part of life, to tell yourself that "everyone experiences those", and that you just have to toughen up, get on with the program, and then it'll pass.

Sure it will.

But then it'll come back next year. And the year after that. And possibly every Sunday night, too, if you're paying attention.

So take the time - today! - to be with all that old stuff that comes up. Now is the perfect time. Tomorrow may be too late.

Slow is fast.


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