What I claim is this

You can build a business primarily from the “room of love” or primarily from the “room of fear”.

Take Zappos as an example of a business built from love, and Microsoft as an example of a business built from fear.

Both are be hugely successful. I’m not saying you can’t build a successful business from fear. Far from it. You absolutely can.

(As an aside, I remember reading in “A New Brand World” of a branding agency refusing to take on Microsoft because, as they said, “They have no soul”. My personal experience with Microsoft agrees with that.)

My claim is that the business built from love can be just as successful, if not more, is a much better place to work, and is going to make a better, more contribution to the rest of society and the world we live in.

And I think that’s important.

You may be familiar with the UN’s 2015 goals, which Kofi Anan set up. The way I understand it, the goal is to lift Africa out of poverty, not through charity and big donations of money, but through business. Because only business can bring sustainable growth to the continent.

I think the same way about business. Only through business do we have the possibility of solving the enormous challenges that the planet faces - energy crisis, climate crisis, and overpopulation, to name a few of the biggest.

Politics can only do so much, and that’s not much at all. Business is the underlying force and power. Look at the recent COP15 climate summit. China is the new super-power. The US is still massively important. And the EU is almost completely irrelevant. Why? Because of economic power. Where does economic power come from? Business.

So businesses are the key to real change in this world, and I believe that to the extent that businesses built from love are more successful than business built from fear - which I think over time they will be, because neither customers nor employees are going to put up with too much fear-based shit in the coming decades - that is also the extent to which we’re going to solve some of the big global problems.

I know it sounds a bit out there, but the link I’m making, is that businesses based in love are not going to be as aggressive and predatory in relation to emplyoees, competitors, natural resources, climate, and the society which they’re a part of. Because it’s not in their DNA.

We’ll see how it all plays out, but I’m planning on doing my part in making it happen.


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