More signups *with* the name field

A few days ago I wrote about how we got about 5x the signups per day when we dropped the name field. Well, I decided to do a split test on this on my friend Pernille Melsted’s signup page, and much to my surprise, the results over there seem to be the opposite – 85% sign up when I ask for both name and email, but only 57% when I ask for just email. Surprising, no?

The numbers aren’t quite statistically significant yet, so I’m going to let it run for a few more days to confirm, but i can only speculate that perhaps it’s because the nature of the relationship between Pernille and her audience is deeper and warmer (after all, Pernille helps people find their passion), being asked for just email makes the interaction it seem too cold?

I don’t know, but I’m mildly surprised.


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