Classic great customer service experience from Magasin Catering

We celebrated the baptism this weekend with great food from Magasin Catering.

Unfortunately, a small hiccup on their end cause a third of the food to arrive about 3 hours too late.

It wasn’t a disaster by any means – people were fed, there was food left over, and we got to eat the extra food for dinner. But it was clearly a mistake on their part, and we intended to ask for a comparable discount.

But that’s not what we got. When we called them this morning, they already knew about the error and they immediately told us the whole thing was going to be on the house. That’s right, they are not going to charge us at all.

That’s the kind of service that makes you respect them, want to buy from them again, and want to tell your friends about them. For example on your blog, like now.

So next time you’re hosting a party in Copenhagen and don’t want to cook yourself, consider Magasin Catering. They’re make really tasty food, are fairly cheap (140 kr per person is not expensive at all), and they understand the value of customer service. Kudos!


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