My take on "The Secret"

I watched The Secret the other night, and here’s my take on it:

  • The focus on money and cars made me cringe. I almost couldn’t watch it, but I persevered.
  • I found the Da Vinci Codesque production quality and their tone of voice distasteful.
  • I find the whole packaging, what with calling it “The Secret” and making things sound more mysterious than they are annoying.
  • The fact that this film taught millions of people that they don’t have to stay victims, that they have some power over their own lives, is truly valuable.
  • The law of attraction is real.
  • There’s another law called the law of manifestation. The two got merged into one in the film.
  • I believe you don’t have an absolute say in anything. You’re not creating, you’re co-creating. There’s about 7 billion other people out there co-creating their reality, too, so it’s a negotiation.
  • I believe you still do have to work for the things you want in your life, it’s just that the law of attraction is going to attract people who wants to help, and the law of manifestation is going to help you manifest that which you envision.

Kovalam, India February 2007At the end of the day, I believe there’s immense value in just clarifying what it is that you truly want. It could be using a vision board as the entrepreneur in the film talked about, or it could just be a written list.

And by imagining how having these things in your life would feel you can sense whether this is something you truly want, or it’s a surrogate. Like money. Everyone wants money, but by itself, money is not going to bring you happiness. At all. Envisioning it and feeling it can help you see your real motive and your true wants.

Having a vision will make sure you have a focus, you know where you’re headed, you know why you get up in the morning. I’ll help you notice the opportunities that come your way that you otherwise might have missed.


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