Great olive oil

When we were in Italy in June, we stopped by the Consorzio Agrario Siena (photo) supermarket in Siena. I’m not sure why I keep doing that, it’s mostly just torture to look at all that great food that you can’t get at home, and you can’t really buy, because it won’t keep till you’re home, and what you really want to do is go shop and then cook a delicious meal for all your friends, but they’re all 1,600 kms away.

Alas, we went, and one thing we bought home was a small 500ml bottle of local Siena olive oil.

That olive oil was simply the best olive oil, I’ve ever owned, period. It’s great for cooking, awesome in pesto, terrific in salads, you name it.

And it turns out that you can buy it online, and they’ll even ship it to Denmark. So I went ahead and ordered a box of 12 bottles, for the neat price of just under DKK 100 per bottle, including shipping. But I think it’s well worth it.

In my local supermarket, Kvickly, which admittedly doesn’t have a whole lot going for it, other than it’s very near my home, sells an Il Fornaio-branded olive oil at exactly the same price, but it’s a complete waste of money.

If you’re nearby, you’re welcome to come by and try it when it has arrived, and you can also buy a bottle if you like it. If it spreads, we can get even more the next time and maybe save on the shipping.



Although I agree that it is a nice oil I would have to say that "Hands Down" the best oil I have come accross is from CA. It's made by the Temecula Olive Oil Company and is an early harvest unfiltered oil. I have to buy a case right after harvest because they always sell out quickly. It is not expensive $22.00 i think and worth it. At least I know that it is real olive oil because they are the growers. check em out.
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Lars Pind

Carly, that sounds like a great tip. I wouldn't be surprised, California already makes awesome beer, fantastic wine, and I recall hearing a little while back how olive oil was the next frontier. Can you get me a case, too? :)
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