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A while back, inspired by Jason Fried, I started collecting interesting quotes I’d stumble upon, and recently I also decided to start writing down the principles I believe in, including pieces of advice I’ve picked up here and there.

It’s very much a work in progress, I keep adding and maintaining, sometimes pruning out old beliefs I now no longer hold.

The point here, though, is that I’ve found that there’s a surprising amount of power in just having my beliefs consciously considered and written down. When I have to make a decision to go this way or that, when a client or a business partner is arguing in favor of going in a particular direction, it’s good to know what I believe in and why.

The point is not to go look it up, but to have been through the process of consciously considering what, of all the different things we’ll hear and see from different sources, I have chosen to believe is true fo me.

It’s like I was talking about yesterday, we tend to have this small team of voices inside, and having considered each of their advice and chosen which one I agree with brings clarity and lets me make better decisions more easily.

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That is a great list. Like the variety of sources, from Pablo Picasso to Steve Jobs. Am bookmarking it now. Thanks for sharing it.
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