Haiku, the album, is now out

Back in November I mentioned the album that my cousin Henrik was about to release.

That album has been out for a while now, and I’ve found myself turning to it again and again. It is not a genre of music I’d normally buy. But good music is good music regardless of genre.

And good really reveals itself over time. When the initial impression with the production quality and the surprising changes has worn off, the music is on its own, it has to stand on its own two feet. That’s when you can tell if it’s a keeper.

Good music is a matter of the heart. It needs to make a connection from the artist’s heart to yours.

After having listened to this album over and over again for the past weeks, I can say with certainty that it does for me.

Buy Haiku online right now for only 89,95 and make yourself, me, and Henrik happy. And if you like it, go tell someone else about it. This music deserves a wider audience.



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