LAUNCH: Boxes and Arrows Events Calendar

Boxes and Arrows has launched a brand spanking new events calendar.

It’s quite exciting, because there’s a hole in the market for a targeted web-related events calendar. We hope to fill that hole. If you want to stay up-to-date on interesting web-related events, this is the place to subscribe.

You can subscribe by RSS feed, by iCalendar feed, and you can also get everything in XML format or iCalendar format so you con do your own dashboard widget, processing, or syndicate the listing elsewhere.

We launched last night, and we’ve already launched the first batch of updates based on people’s feedback.

It’s also exciting from a technical stand-point, as it’s built using the latest RESTful and HTTP Accept code in Edge Rails, which makes it trivial to offer XML and iCalendar versions of everything.

Go now: http://events.boxesandarrows.com/


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