Quicksilver triggers for projects

Quicksilver-triggers.gifQuicksilver triggers are God’s gift to mankind. They let you create global triggers for any action Quicksilver can describe.

I always work on a handful of TextMate projects at the same time:

  • a client project or two that I’m doing development or maintenance for
  • my GTD project that keeps me organized
  • PublicSquare
  • Another web service we’re launching soon
  • The Rails trunk for developing and testing patches to Rails, and for reading the source code (I do that a lot, I’d rather read the source than the API docs)

I recently got the idea of creating a set of Quicksilver triggers for these, so now when I’m doing coding and need to bring up the Rails source, I just hit ⌃⌥⌘R. Or when I need to check my To-Do, I hit ⌃⌥⌘G.

I find it much easier and faster than going to the recent projects menu, or keeping the project open but minimized. Just close it and open it again when I need it.


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