Back from a month in Italy

I’m back in Copenhagen after spending a whole month on the Italian roads, driving my 18 year old Volvo 240 the about 2,000 kms down south of Naples. We spent two weeks working in Florence, and then another two weeks vacationing in Campania, Umbria, Toscana, and Ligure. I feel like I belong there more than I do here. I’ve eaten gelato and lots of food every day, and only exercised twice, and still managed loose weight. Go figure.

Alas, now we’re back, and I’m again hard at work with deadlines looming. I hope you’ve all been well while I was away.


When I was younger I also tried vacationing in Italy with my family's old Volvo 245. We were four kids in the back seat :) An extra seat belt or two was mounted, so there was one for each of us. I like Italy. The food is better and cheaper than in Copenhagen. The weather is usually better. About a week and a half ago, I spend a weekend in Milano. The gelato is so good. The coffee is also very good. It's like the standards are higher. For instance, you don't have to go somewhere special to get good coffee.
Welcome back!
I couldn't agree more. The Italians have gotten so much about life so right. The pleasures of life are democratized, anyone can afford a good glass of wine and some excellent cheese. Traveling with a baby was a pleasant surprise -- everywhere we went people loved her, wanted to hold her, and it made us a ton of contacts we wouldn't have had otherwise.
By Lars Pind on Wed, May 24, 06 at 08:22 · Reply
I've never been to Italy, but we have a lot of Italians here in Australia! I can't imagine living somewhere where home made gelato wasn't easily available! Of course our affordable wine is Australian rather than Italian, but a nice glass of red with some hearty pasta in a family owned Italian restaurant - bliss! I would love to go to Italy. Some famous Australians have relocated there including my favourite painter Jeffrey Smart (<a href="">Jeffrey Smart at home in Italy</a>).
By Mark Aufflick on Wed, May 24, 06 at 08:22 · Reply
My (Danish) wife and I lived in Rome for a short time. She was undertaking research for her doctorate, and I was (how unfortunate!) there as support crew. We not only appreciated the refined attitude towards food, but the chaotic lifestyle that we thought would drive us nuts we actually came to enjoy immensely and was quite hard to leave behind. Every day we had gelato, walked a bunch of places, and stopped back in the square in the evening with the locals. What were you doing in Florence Lars? Good joss you taking your little family on the road - many people just use their children to stay at home and be more risk-averse than usual ...
By Robin Benson on Wed, May 24, 06 at 08:22 · Reply

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