Early days of podcasting

Durwood Douche’s “Everybody’s F*ing But Me” and Chicago’s “Saturday In the Park” will forever remind me of the early days of the podcasting. Who else remembers that episode? Or the one where some dude drove up to Adam Curry on the highway while Adam was recording and the dude was listening to the source code. What a moment.

I remember clearly the excitement of standing in my kitchen listening to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code, or his Trade Secrets with Dave Winer, with a clear feeling that this was something new and fresh, a voice previously unheard. It was a good time. I’m listening to Saturday In the Park now, getting that warm and fuzzy feeling ”;->”

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Lau T.

Yeah I remember listing to that episode of The Daily Source Code :) It's interesting to see a thing like podcasting growing from being new and obscure to commonplace. Now there's quite a selection of all different kinds of shows - provided free of charge. The free market at work.
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