More Mac software

Continuing from my last post, here’s more Mac software I just found.

Inquisitor is quite amazing, from the same David Watanabe that brought us the beautiful NewsFire (which I decided to dump in favor of NetNewsWire, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful). Inquisitor does live searches from the toolbar in Safari. I think it’s something I could get addicted to. And it looks smashing.

The other one that stands out is Witch, an app that does window switching, not just application switching, with option-tab, and also lets you add shortcuts for things like Zoom, which is quite useful on a 12” inch laptop, where you pretty much want things zoomed all the time when you’re working on them.

It’s so much fun with all these apps. At one point, when I was still stuck on Windows, I thought the desktop software market had died. But then I switched and realized that it’s all live and well, it’s just a forest of many small pieces of software. (Via TUAW.)


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