I'm giving up on Bluetooth

I enjoyed using a bluetooth headset (Nokia HDW-3) with Skype on my Mac for a while, but got fed up with all the complaints from people that the sound was bad. Just this week I bought the Jabra JX-10 after having read some reviews lauding the sound quality.

Well, I’m off it again, after just a few days. People kept complaining. At first, I tried switching it to the ear nearest the computer, and even moved the computer around for the next call so I could have the headset on my left ear, which I prefer, but people still couldn’t hear me. With the built-in microphone in the PowerBook there are never any complaints. Even the microphone in the iSight is noticeably better.

I’ve given up on bluetooth now and put in an order for the Sennheiser M145 instead (which, interestingly, is nowhere to be found in the US store).


Funny, I'm just getting a pair of "155's":http://www.sennheisercommunications.com/eprise/main/SennheiserCommunications/com/Products/CNT05_Pro-Gaming?ProductId=PC155. They're a bit bulkier but should be more comfortable for longer sessions.
I have had much better results with the iSight mic than the built in one. I think one of the reasons for that is that it's further away from the computer fan and this matters for those of us in HOT weather.

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